Memorandum (Statement) of Association:
February 2008 and amended September 2011

Name of the Association

The Association shall be known as the: United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice (or UKASFP). The limited company’s name shall be ‘UKASFP’. Being a professional association, the UKASFP company will dispense with the word ‘Limited’ in its title.

The company’s registered office

The Registered Office will situated be in England and Wales, although members will be welcome from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

The Association’s objects

  • To promote and develop the profile of Solution Focused Practice both for individual support/therapy and for organisational change.
  • To provide networking opportunities for members using, or wishing to use, solution focused practice in their work.
  • To provide advisory, consultancy, technical, administrative and support services to members and firms, businesses, companies, individuals and others engaged in or connected with Solution Focused Practice.
  • To facilitate the registration of members and Solution Focused Practitioners to any relevant voluntary or compulsory register.
  • To maintain a list of Solution Focused Practitioners, Counsellors, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Supervisors and Practitioners and to create, maintain, supply and make available listings of accredited practitioners and suppliers.
  • To promote the interests of members of the Association in their professional activities.
  • To issue appropriate post-nominal letters and post-nominal titles to members.
  • To publish a journal for the academic and professional advancement of Solution Focused Research, Theory and Practice; to publish a newsletter and other literature and maintain a website for the purposes of distributing information and advancing the objects of the Company and keeping members informed on subjects connected with Solution Focused Research, Theory and Practice.
  • To recognise and accredit training courses and institutions; to recognise Solution Focused centres and institutions; to establish, organise, develop, hold and run training courses, events and conferences for the purpose of continuing professional development of members and other professionals.
  • To develop and maintain codes of ethics, practice and guidance for members and the profession.
  • To provide information about solution focused approaches to the general public.
  • To collaborate with, assist, advise, consult, make representations to and lobby governments, local authorities, local education authorities, colleges, schools, educational institutions and bodies, local, national and international scientific fora, organisations, institutions and bodies, training organisations and bodies, corporate bodies, firms and businesses of all kinds and other individuals, bodies, groups, institutions and organisations.
  • To buy, sell, manufacture, repair, alter, hire, let on hire, export, import, supply and deal in plant, machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus, utensils, materials, produce, supplies, consumables, articles and things of every description capable of being used in connection with the foregoing businesses, or any of them, or likely to be required by any of the members of, or persons having dealings with the Association.

The Association can make adjustment to the rules and bylaws without referring to the Memorandum.


The values of the UKASFP are based on the values of solution focused practice:

  • Collaborative and respectful
  • Non-expert – in that the client, or clients, can find their own solutions
  • Inclusive and affirming diversity
  • Pragmatic and resourceful


The Association will host an Annual Conference to promote on solution focused practice.  Members of the Association may carry out activities to fulfil the objects of the Association and which reflect the values of the Association. Such activities may include:

  • Setting up a national committee and local subgroups.
  • Supporting the development of discipline-specific interest groups.
  • Provide support and training in solution focused practice.
  • Representation on statutory bodies.
  • Review and dissemination of research.
  • Maintain contact and networking lists.
  • Produce a newsletter and/or journal.
  • Produce and maintain a website.
  • Use electronic voting to ascertain the views of members.
  • Membership Admission and Withdrawal.

Membership is gained through the payment of an annual subscription. The amount is reviewed annually.  Members may withdraw from the Association at any time.


The Association will have elected and co-opted officers which will form a National Committee, and where appropriate, sub-committees, details of which will be regulated by Committee Terms of Reference, which will be reviewed from time to time.

Co-operation with other Solution Focused organisations

Nothing in this Memorandum will restrict the members of the Association from co-operating with or belonging to other solution focused organisations.

Development of the Association

The development of the Association will reflect the objects and values of the Association.  The development of the Association will proceed according to the wishes of the majority of the membership, by vote (of members) and/or through its elected committee.

Not for profit company

The UKASFP in becoming a company limited by guarantee requires the income and property of the company to be applied solely towards the promotion of the company’s objects.  No part of such income or property may be transferred by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to the members of the company. The Association therefore must, upon a winding up or dissolution, distribute any remaining assets, after paying any debts or other liabilities, to a body having similar objects to those of the Association provided that such body shall have similar rules prohibiting the distribution of income and property.
Agreed at the UKASFP Committee Meeting dated 2nd September 2011.




Regional Groups