Thank you to everyone for attending the conference and we hope you all found it stimulating and useful for your practice.  The presentations are being added below (links are in red), please check back on the page below as more information is added:

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Creating New Narratives: The Science & Art of Solution Focused Practice

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May 2017, Beales Hotel, Hatfield AL10 9NG (just north of London)

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Thursday 18th May 2017 – Please click here for programme

Welcome and opening remarks – Mark McKergow, University of Hertfordshire – Overview Slides

Guest keynote: The roots and shoots of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Dr Wendel Ray (The University of Louisiana at Monroe/ Mental Research Institute (MRI), Palo Alto).
MRI archivist Wendel Ray looks back at the roots of SFBT in the interactional view of the ground-breaking Mental Research Institute, and looks forward at how these factors can continue to be central as SF work develops in the 21st century.

Changing affordances, changing worlds: Mark McKergow (University of Hertfordshire)

The process of SF practice – session chair Kirsten Dierolf
Extended minds, extended persons, extended therapy: Guy Shennan (Guy Shennan Associates, UK)
Developing the Craft: Description, Neutrality and Trust: Chris Iveson (BRIEF, UK)
Hearing & Seeing Interactional Process: Wendel Ray and Jana Sutton (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)

SF, IAPT and therapy research – session chair Kidge Burns
Why most psychotherapy research is unhelpful and how SFP can help overcome the barriers to measuring the effectiveness of useful conversations: Steve Flatt (Psychological Therapies Unit, Liverpool)
IAPT and SF: Clive Whitaker and Roshna Mistry (Change Birmingham Brief Therapy)
Using SF in an integrated IAPT service keeping managers happy, clients delighted and achieving good enough scores: Carolyn Emanuel (Brent IAPT, Central & Northwest London Mental Health Trust)
SF Brief Therapy and SF Brief Coaching – same same or something different? : Svea van der Hoorn (Solution-focused Futures, South Africa) and Kirsten Dierolf (Solutions Academy, Germany)

SF in practice with young people and adults – session chair Svea van der Hoorn
Planning, implementation and evaluation of a Solution-Focused Group Counselling programme, for adolescents living in child protection centres: Evgenia Savvidou, Andreas Brouzos (University of Ioannina, Greece) and Stephanos Vassilopoulos (University of Patras, Greece)
Talking to the Elephant – Solutions Focused transformation in schools: Geoff James (Solution Support, UK)
Solution Focused brief therapy In post-stroke Aphasia (SOFIA Trial): the challenges and opportunities of adapting the approach for people with a communication disability: Sarah Northcott (City University of London), Kidge Burns (SF practitioner) and Katerina Hilari (City University of London)
The liberating possibilities of Signs of Safety: a solution-focused framework for collaboration in situations of high risk: Louise Doel and Chloe Rogers (University of Hertfordshire)

Friday 19th May 2017 – Please click here for programme

Keynote – Elliott Connie (USA): The art of asking useful questions

Brief papers – (‘TED talks’)
Geoffrey James: Is exclusion really the last resort?
Svea van der Hoorn (South Africa): Restoring Dignity via Coping Talk – the neglected cousin of Change Talk
Jody Merelle (Finland): Bad things happen: using SF tools to remain positive in times of crisis
Thomas Hirschmann (Austria): OASIS: Experiences with a solution focused in-patient programme for patients suffering from cancer

Elliott Connie – SFBT: Mastering the questions as language
Jody Merelle – A beginners’ guide to the solution focused world
Guy Shennan & Barry Golten – “We don’t do therapy here…” Bringing solution-focused ideas into support settings
John Brooker – Does a Solution Focus approach energise an organisation?
Jonathan Casemore – Problem free talk and best hopes in social work
Stephan Natynczuk – Putting SF talk into the walk: Taking SF outdoors
Suzi Curtis, Kidge Burns & Martin Bohn – Nailing jelly to the wall: lessons from developing the UKASFP accreditation system
Thomas Hirschmann – Scaling with your senses: A creative approach for noticing progress
Geoff James – Having a laugh – the smile at the heart of SF conversations
John Wheeler – Catching Butterflies: SF conversations with young children

Plenary workshop
Jonas Wells (Sweden) – The Aesthetics of Keeping SF as Simple as Possible: Sharing Stories and a Space for Reflections

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